Dental bridges secure a replacement tooth or teeth to existing natural teeth

fixed dental bridges

A dental bridge fixes a replacement tooth or teeth to existing natural teeth on either side of the gap.

Some dental bridges have crowns at each end. Others are fixed to the surface of teeth either side of the gap.

Sometimes a bridge is only fixed to the tooth on one side of the gap. Dental bridges are made of precious metal, porcelain or combination of both.

There are several stages in making a dental bridge.

  • Initially we usually take impressions of your mouth, for our laboratory technician to make exact plaster models of your upper and lower teeth and gums to show how your teeth bite together.
  • The teeth that will support the bridge are then prepared to take the fixings and ensure the bridge is not too bulky.
  • Another impression is taken of the prepared teeth with the gap and the technician will use this to fabricate the permanent bridge.
  • A plastic temporary bridge or temporary crown may be fitted.
  • At the next appointment we will check the fitting of the bridge and make any minor adjustments prior to fixing it permanently in place.
  • You will then be shown the best method of keeping your new bridge clean.